Switzerland is an education-oriented society with a large financial sector that relies on professionals who have had a first-class economic education. Excellent researchers pass on excellent knowledge. This credo runs like a thread through the department’s teaching programs. Particularly successful are the doctoral students of the Zurich Graduate School of Economics (Zurich GSE), a doctoral program at the Department of Economics structured according to international standards. This is considered the top address for a doctorate in economics on the European mainland and is positioned among the best programs worldwide.

Factsheet Scholarships

Zurich as the first address for a doctorate in economics

The goal: to bring outstanding young talents from all over the world to Zurich and thereby create independent young researchers and innovation drivers for our society, who can secure academic positions at the world’s best universities and leadership roles in institutions such as central banks or in local and international organizations. This in turn helps to position Switzerland and Zurich as internationally leading business and research locations.

Impact: the potential of your donation

The young talents of today are the leaders of tomorrow. With your donation to the PhD program, you make it possible to bring the best young researchers to Zurich. As a result of the competitive and elaborate application process, only 12 to 15 people out of several hundred applicants receive one of the coveted places each year. You can therefore be sure that your scholarship contribution will go to the leading minds of tomorrow. So that the coming generation can also tackle the global challenges of our time with sound knowledge.

You have a wide range of opportunities to encourage and support young talent. Below, we list the various possibilities.

From 5,000 Swiss francs
Specific project sponsorship

From 25,000 Swiss francs
Travel grants

From 50,000 Swiss francs
Career Kick-Start Funding

From 250,000 Swiss francs
Personal full scholarship

We would be happy to advise you personally on the possible options. There is also the possibility of a graduate school named entirely after you. Please contact us directly for this.

Factsheet Scholarships

Your support counts

Do you have questions about the PhD program or would you like individual advice? We are happy to help you.

Katrin Polzer

Katrin Polzer
Managing Director