Endowed professorships as a philanthropic commitment are an important instrument for attracting excellent talent and new skills to Zurich and for specifically promoting research and teaching. Inspiring professors have a special charisma: they motivate students and doctoral students for their field, they build a sustainable network within the international scientific community and position themselves as experts for the media. The creation and funding of an endowed professorship thus guarantee a lasting impact. Our aim is to enable innovative and excellent cutting-edge research. Contribute to this goal with your donation.

Research, teaching, dialog: impact through an endowed professorship

Previous successful examples of endowed professorships such as the Professorship of the Economics of Corporate Culture, Business Ethics and Social Responsibility, endowed by Credit Suisse, the Kühne Foundation Professorship of International Trade,or the Larsson-Rosenquist Foundation (LRF) Center for Economics of Breastfeeding demonstrate the scientific possibilities and the social impact of an endowed professorship.

As a donor of a professorship, you not only invest in an individual, but become part of a scientific community that has the goal and ambition to make a difference in our society, economy, and politics through world-class research. Together, we have the opportunity to create new and profound knowledge.

Your support counts

The support of an endowed professorship requires a well-founded and partnership-based exchange at eye level. We would be happy to advise you on this path right from the start and show you the possibilities of a partnership.

Katrin Polzer

Katrin Polzer
Managing Director