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The Department of Economics at the University of Zurich is a leading European research center and is among the global leaders in the area of neuroeconomics and development economics. It is home to several internationally recognized researchers who guarantee excellent education for several hundred students every year.

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Excellent school for tomorrow’s leaders

Switzerland is an education-oriented society with a large financial sector that relies on personnel who have enjoyed an excellent economic education. The Department therefore places great emphasis on teaching. The education at the Department enables students at all levels – Bachelor, Master, and PhD – to acquire new knowledge, imparted by leading experts. Excellent researchers pass on excellent knowledge. This credo runs like a thread through the Department’s teaching programs. Thus, economics graduates hold key positions in institutions in Switzerland and in local international companies. Graduates of the only Swiss doctoral program in economics, the Zurich Graduate School of Economics (Zurich GSE), are particularly successful. This program positions itself among the best economics programs worldwide.

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Pioneering Economics

With the slogan “Pioneering Economics”, the Department of Economics has set the course for a forward-looking orientation of research and teaching in Zurich. The researchers at the Department take a pioneering role and expand the boundaries of economic thinking in order to improve our social and economic life. They are helping to address the five major challenges we are facing today: achieving a sustainable economy, managing the digital revolution, overcoming the globalization crisis, reducing poverty and inequality, and developing effective public policies. A sound understanding of human behavior and the advancement of methodologies are the foundations of this mission and a long-standing focus of the Department. This is reflected in both the education of students and in the ambitious research agenda.

Five Global Challenges

How economics shapes our lives

Research at the Department of Economics addresses key issues and has an impact on all aspects of life. The following film impressively underlines how economics can make a difference and contribute to positive change worldwide.

From Number 1 in Mainland Europe to the Top 10 Worldwide

We have already done it once: we made a huge step from a strong economics department in the German-speaking world to the leading department in mainland Europe and to the top 20 departments worldwide. Now the time is ripe for the next big leap: reaching the top 10 worldwide.

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The Advisory Board of the Department of Economics

The Advisory Board of the Department of Economics consists of renowned experts from economics, as well as from the private and public sectors in Switzerland and abroad. Its members have a general advisory function, but no decision-making powers. The Advisory Board meets twice a year to learn about the newest developments at the Department and to support the Department with its expertise.

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