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The Excellence Foundation Zurich considers itself to be a mediator and takes an active role as an interface between science, business, and society. It supports the Department of Economics regularly with the organization and realization of public events.

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Past Events

March 26, 2018 Manuel Sager (SDC)
Was sind die aktuellen Herausforderungen für die internationale Entwicklungszusammenarbeit?
March 16, 2018 Prof. Michael Kremer (Harvard University)
Keynote lecture
CCWD Annual Conference 2018 on “Child Health – Children’s Life Journeys and Critical Inflection Points”
March 16, 2017 Richard David Precht (philosopher, publicist, and best-selling author)
Populismus, Post‐Truth, Polemik – was geschieht mit unseren Werten?
September 17, 2015 Prof. Richard H. Thaler (University of Chicago)
Misbehaving – The Making of Behavioral Economics
October 10, 2014 Prof. Robert H. Frank (Cornell University)
Efficiency, Morality, and Freedom
April 10, 2014 Prof. em. Sir Richard Layard (London School of Economics)
What makes people happy / unhappy?
September 26, 2013 Jakob von Uexküll (Founder of the Right Livelihood Award)
Braucht es gute Menschen für eine gute Gesellschaft?
September 11, 2013 Robert J. Gordon (professor of economics)
Economic growth in the West. Can innovation save us from the six headwinds?
April 10, 2013 Prof. Dan Ariely (Duke University)
The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty
March 21, 2013 Nobel laureate James J. Heckman
Economics of Inequality & Human Development
October 31, 2013 Richard David Precht (philosopher, publicist, and best-selling author)
Wem gehört die Bildung?