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With regular public events, we aim to promote dialog and exchange between science, business, and society. In the past, we have welcomed several Nobel laureates and other leading experts from various fields to public lectures. They brought important topics to the point, presented innovative ideas, opened new perspectives, and answered questions from the interested audience. When may we welcome you at one of our events?

Past events

13. Sep 2023

Pulitzer Prize Winner Anne Applebaum
Autocracy Inc: How the World’s Authoritarians Work Together


29. Sep 2022

Prof. Dr. Anne Case and Nobel Laureate Sir Angus Deaton
The Great Divide: Education and the Politics of Despair


29. Sep 2021

Prof. Michael Kremer (Harvard University)
Promoting Global Health and Fighting Poverty


25. Mar 2020

Mathilde Le Moigne (Department of Economics, University of Zurich)
“Pandemic and Economics” online event series, Part 4 “Global Trade in Times of Covid-19”

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18. Mar 2020

Christian Ruff (Department of Economics, University of Zurich)
“Pandemic and Economics” online event series, Part 3 “Why We Comply with Social Norms”

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11. Mar 2020

Teodora Boneva (Department of Economics, University of Zurich)
“Pandemic and Economics” online event series, Part 2 “The Covid-19 Inequality Project: Impact on the Labor Market”

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4. Mar 2020

Tobias Straumann (University of Zurich)
“Pandemic and Economics” online event series, Part 1 “Eine Krise wie keine andere”

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28. Nov 2019

Prof. Ralph Ossa (Department of Economics UZH)
Keynote zu Handelskriegen Event für UZH-Alumni, London


18. Oct 2019

Urban Economic Conference (in cooperation with the NOMIS Foundation)
Urban Economics, a rapidly growing interdisciplinary field that combines economics with geography, and related academic disciplines including sociology, political science, public health, and climatology

20. Sep 2019

Jahressymposium (Marlene Porsche Graduate School of Neuroeconomics)
Wie Menschen finanzielle, moralische und soziale Werte in ihre Entscheidungen einbeziehen und ausbalancieren Keynote Lectures von Prof. Giuseppe Ugazio (University of Geneva) und Prof. Cendri Hutcherson (University of Toronto)

13. May 2019

Prof. Penny Goldberg (Yale University, Chef-Ökonomin Weltbank)
Trade and Development: The Next Chapter

26. Mar 2018

Manuel Sager (DEZA)
Was sind die aktuellen Herausforderungen für die internationale Entwicklungszusammenarbeit?

16. Mar 2018

Prof. Michael Kremer (Harvard University)
Keynote Lecture CCWD Annual Conference 2018 on “Child Health – Children’s Life Journeys and Critical Inflection Points”

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16. Mar 2017

Richard David Precht (Philosoph, Publizist und Bestsellerautor)
Populismus, Post‐Truth, Polemik – was geschieht mit unseren Werten?

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17. Sep 2015

Prof. Richard H. Thaler (University of Chicago)
Misbehaving – The Making of Behavioral Economics

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30. Oct 2014

Prof. Robert H. Frank (Cornell University)
Efficiency, Morality, and Freedom

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10. Apr 2014

Richard Layard (London School of Economics)
What makes people happy / unhappy?

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26. Sep 2013

Jakob von Uexküll (Stifter und Gründer des Right Livelihood Award)
Bracht es gute Menschen für eine gute Gesellschaft?

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11. Sep 2013

Robert J. Gordon (Professor der Wirtschaftswissenschaften)
Economic growth in the West. Can innovation save us from the six headwinds?

10. Apr 2013

Prof. Dan Ariely (Duke University)
The (Honest) Truth about Dishonesty

21. Mar 2013

Richard David Precht (Philosoph, Publizist und Bestsellerautor)
Wem gehört die Bildung?

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21. Mar 2013

Nobelpreisträger James J. Heckman
Economics of Inequality & Human Development