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The Excellence Foundation Zurich is the foundation of the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich and was established in 2011. Our declared goal: We want to support the Department in finding answers to the most pressing questions of our time with the best scientists and in guaranteeing our students an excellent education. Join us today and invest in the future of our shared social and economic life.

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Annual Research Night: Autocracy Inc

Annual Research Night: Autocracy Inc

In her keynote, Pulitzer Prize Winner Anne Applebaum described a new era of autocracies, characterized by the way their leaders work together: in networks. To protect liberal democracy, we need to understand how these networks operate and how they undermine democratic institutions.

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These five global challenges are our focus

Together with our partners and donors, we support the Department of Economics at the University of Zurich in its mission to address and overcome the five greatest challenges of our time with the best scientists.

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Achieving a Sustainable Economy

The ongoing destruction of our natural environment is threatening our survival. This is particularly true for climate change, which is widely recognized as one of the greatest risks to humanity.

Reducing Poverty and Inequality

The United Nations have put the reduction of poverty and inequality at the core of their 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development in which they pledge to “leave no one behind”.

Overcoming the Globalization Crisis

Globalization as we know it is in a deep crisis. Problems related to the way in which we move goods, capital, and people have become so severe that something fundamental has to change.

Developing Effective Public Policies

Nationalist, populist, and extremist movements are threatening our political systems. It remains to be seen whether this is only a temporary crisis of liberal democracy, or a turning point for the postwar international order.

Managing the Digital Revolution

Digital technology continues to revolutionize our economy. Its disruptive nature is comparable only to that of earlier general-purpose technologies such as the steam engine, the electricity generator, or the printing press - just much faster.

Invest in the future of our shared social and economic life

With your involvement, you support us in establishing sustainable research in economics at the University of Zurich. Cutting-edge research creates new knowledge to address the pressing issues of our time. This knowledge, in turn, must be passed on – to decision-makers in politics and business, but also to future generations, i.e. to students and young researchers. The added value thus created for teaching and research is a significant location advantage that increases the prosperity of an education-oriented society, such as Switzerland’s, in the long term.

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«I have long been impressed by the extraordinary quality of the Department. You have been able to build a world-class economics department in Zurich, which provides a great public service not just for Switzerland – it is incredibly important for world economics.»

Nobel Laureate Sir Angus Deaton, Princeton University

«Zurich’s Department of Economics has developed rapidly into an internationally leading education and research institution over the last years – not least due to the strong Excellence Foundation’s partnerships. It attracts leading scientists and young talents to Zurich and strengthens our business location. As foundation partner from the very beginning, we are proud to be part of the success story.»

Roger Liebi, Deputy Chairman of the Bank Council, Zürcher Kantonalbank

Your support counts

You have various options for supporting the Excellence Foundation Zurich with or without a specific purpose. Whether with a donation, a legacy, or an inheritance – with your commitment you enable cutting-edge research for a better world.

Katrin Polzer

Katrin Polzer
Managing Director

Do you have any questions about our foundation or your commitment? We are happy to answer your questions.