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With an unrestricted donation to the Excellence Foundation Fund, you support the Department of Economics in tackling the five greatest challenges of our time and enable research and teaching at the highest level. Please use our donation form to make your contribution.

«Thank you for your trust in our work. With your commitment, you ensure that our researchers find answers to the most pressing questions of our time and that our students receive a first-class economic education. We are grateful that together with you, we can positively influence the future of our social coexistence.»

Prof. Ernst Fehr, President of the Board of Trustees of the EFZH

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If - instead of donating to the Excellence Foundation Fund - you would like to directly support a young talent with a scholarship, enable a new professorship at the Department of Economics, or consider the Department with your legacy, we would be very happy to advise you personally.

Katrin Polzer

Katrin Polzer
Managing Director

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To support the Department of Economics directly by bank transfer, please send your contribution directly to the following account:

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